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DL-Electrics is the first choice when looking for a electrician company in Netherlands. Our wide range of services can be found on this page. Whether you want to install an electric car charger or install a new breaker panel, our specialists will get it done for you efficiently. If you have questions or want to get a price estimate, use our contact information on the contact us page or use the cost estimate form on the bottom of this page.

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Electric Car Charger Installations

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Electric modes of transportation and especially cars are becoming more and more popular in Europe. Electric cars are more cost efficient and don't emit toxic fumes. Many of our clients wish to charge their electric cars conveniently at home or their business, which is why, we offer the installation of cost efficient and modern car chargers.

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Solar Panel Installations

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Solar panels or solar cells can be a great way to decrease electricity costs for industrial, residential and commercial buildings. Depending on your location and structure it can be beneficial to generate electricity using solar panels. Contact our team if you want to see whether it is possible to decrease your electricity costs by installing solar panels with DL-Electrics.

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General Electric Installations

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Not only does DL-Electrics specialise in working with businesses and other corporate clients on large contract but we also fulfil smaller requests for our individual clients. Whether you need the breaker switch panel of your home changed or an electric stove installed in your new kitchen, our professionals will be able to assist you.

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Future Proofing

House Future Proofing image

Many houses can have outdated electrical components and wiring. This can lead to increased costs, decreased efficiency or even dangerous situations. The specialists at DL-Electrics will analyse and individually assess your situation and come up with the best solution in order to upgrade your electrical components and wiring and prepare your house or business for the future.

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Complex Light Installations

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Nothing happens without light, it is an important part of our personal and work life. Our electricians have experience in overhauling light networks for entire office buildings and will be able to fulfil your request of any difficulty. Overhauling entire light systems or creating new networks from scratch and strategically installing fixtures, we are here for you.

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